Our little plant

I joined a group earlier this year. Basically it’s scouts for adult women. I love it. In one of our meetings one of the members had plants to give away. I took one. Now, I usually don’t have plants because as much of an earth as I am I always somehow kill all the plants.
I brought this one home hoping between the family we could all keep it alive. So far we’ve been doing a pretty good job. It’s still alive at any rate. 😉
Yesterday we had a pretty big storm roll in. I thought the hubs brought the plant in, he thought it wouldn’t get hurt. Well…I found it on the patio of the downstairs apartment this morning. Sans potter. (Who takes a plant out of the pot and steals it while leaving the plant there?!)
I brought it back home and stuck it in a regular cup for now. Idk, maybe I can nurse it back to health…
It looks really beat up too. The poor thing. Wishing myself luck!



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