Already a Hiatus…

I took some time from this blog since the shooting in Orlando. When I woke up that Sunday it was just a horrible thing to read about and it sent me into a spiral of sorts for a bit. You see, I consider myself a demisexual bisexual. For me, I’m a bit more than an ally but I am passing hetero-normative so I don’t get the stigma. It doesn’t make it any easier to know that there are people out there that dislike a group of people so much that they think committing murder is okay. In a way that is hard to describe, it hurts a soul and a heart. I don’t have many people to talk to but I do have some, and that is a saving grace because when the Orlando shooting happened, it really shook me emotionally. It shook me period.

So, I took some time from writing on here. I took some time to grieve people I never knew. I took some time to be sad and angry at the way some people seemed to be outed after death by this horrible act. I took some time to work through my feelings of not being enough to be feeling all of this as others in the LGBT community are able to feel. I took time to remind myself that feeling the pain of my community, whether I am out or in the closet is ok to feel.

I am finally feeling better enough to start this blog back up again. I need to write now more than ever.

Stay safe out there everyone.


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