Life Stories

I just met someone through OKCupid. We’ve been texting and have a date later this week. I am causiously optimistic. He sent me a link to a few chapters of his life story. He wrote it down because he grew up in a cult and having written and published his story helps him to explain it to his friends. He says his friends are his family now.

This got me thinking more about writing more about myself. That is why I started this blog for. To write more about me. I do want to dedicate time to it. I just keep letting other things get in the way.

Where to start? I am not yet ready to talk about my childhood. I think it would help me immensely, about as much as the therapy did. I am just not there yet. Otherwise, where should I start to write about who I am.

Instead of chapters I will have posts obviously. Maybe something about my compartmentalized life in each post. Something to think about. 🙂


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