Sometimes Life is Hard

Sometimes society gets difficult to be around. This upcoming Presidential Election is a total clusterfuck in my opinion. It has actually turned me away from voting. What would be the point with these two candidates that we have? Either way, one is not really better than the other from what I understand.

However, I have learned some things. I went to my very first Caucaus and it was a great experience. I learned how some of the laws/rules work for Democratic Convention, Democratic “club” in general. I learned some things about the Republican side of things. And it made me aware of how the news in this country is really run beyong a doubt.

And, it made me appreciate all the more my momma’s group. We talk to each other and keep each other sane. Especially right now. And we talked amongst ourselves about a third candidate that is not as unheard of but still has a snowball’s chance of winning. If I want to vote my concious, I think I will vote for this candidate Johnson. And that is what it has come down to…to vote my concious.

That is what I want to do. Will it help though overall? Or will it help to elect the wrong person President? That is what I am most afraid of. The wrong President being elected.


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