A Massage Rut

This week has been pretty hectic with 2 out of 3 kids going back to school, work and my husband getting ready to start another semester on Monday. But, this last week I had a pretty interesting moment.

On Monday I extended my shift to help out with some potential franchise owners that were coming in to get a massage/facial. My client asked for deep tissue, I love doing this type of massage by the way. So, we worked on his shoulder and his legs primarily and it was a good flow. He *loved* his massage and left a pretty good tip. Aside from that, however, he left a pretty great review of his experience, told my spa manager how he felt and pretty much let everyone know how great a massage he had had. It was a nice experience to have had. I have been feeling a bit like a hamster on a wheel, doing the same things every day. This day and review just gave me a bit of a needed push to realize that I am in a rut that I can easily climb out of.

I love doing massage. It is so fulfilling to help people that are having issues or to just relax. I have not looked at videos, or read anything about massage in quite a while. I do this so that I can expand my skill set…and to not fall into a rut. LOL

So, I have decided that I need to go back to doing my thing. Looking at videos and reading up on massage moves. It always makes me feel more confident when I have a client and I am able to help them. I do not ever make the claim that I am a healer. I find that to be super egotistical. I am a helper and nothing I do is long term without a client themselves doing most of the work.


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