Losing Ardor

Over the weekend I lost it. My buddy, Ardor, gave me an exasperated sigh and took off.

We met on OKCupid a while ago and have been getting to know each other for a while. We text everyday, talk about most things, flirt sometimes, sometimes send flirty pics (not x rated), basically have fun getting to know each other.

Or so I thought. Turns out my sassiness & frankness are liked only when he’s in the mood for it. He perceived I do not take him seriously and I perceived he is extremely haughty in how he handles conversations. We both realize text is not the greatest medium.

Over the weekend we had a few discussions and neither of us were able to explain how we actually felt to the other. 

I am, unapologetically, venting my ire. Everything *seemed* to be going so well. I did, and still feel blindsided. The tall was good though. I feel like we both were able to vent our frustrations and see each other’s perspectives.

Luckily we also cleared up some misunderstandings. I was at a point of thinking that perhaps the time to ealk away was now. However, we shall see how things play out.


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