Exile 5

What is Exile 5? It is a fairly big fundraiser for a non-profit organization, Leathermagick. Leathermagick is an absolutely fantastic organization. They help kinksters with small monetary donations when they find themselves in need. If you have gotten help from Leathermagick you can repay it slowly in time and by volunteering at least twice somewhere in the kinkster community here in Denver.

Anywho, we have gone to every Exile since we started going to the kinky scene here. I’ve volunteered every year except last year. Last year I took a bit of a break from volunteering around this time. This year, I volunteered with a different group than I normally do. I volunteered with the Kinky Scouts. This is the group I did the cookie fundraiser with and I love this group. The ladies there are absolutely great. Unfortunately, I was not at my greatest at organizing and so I was really stuck on my own with my husband to help.

We sold raffle tickets for a great raffle and it was fun. I loved it and so did he. We are both not great at socializing but this night, everything clicked and we had tons of fun and sold lots of tickets. I hope to do this again next year. Hopefully with more people to help.


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