Trying Times in Polyhood

We all have those bumps in the road of life right? Well, we hit a heck of a pot hole last night. It took us talking until the wee hours of the morning and just snuggling together so we could fall asleep. It was hard and some harsh words were spoken between my husband and I and honestly, when we were tired we just had to stop and love on each other and not worry so much about if we had figured things out nice & pat.

Sometimes communication is hard. It’s hard for everyone but it seems its harder when you are a person not used to communicating. For various reasons neither my husband nor I are good communicators sometimes. It is a work in progress, so to speak. It is an every day thing that we have to do and something we consciously have to choose to do. We share, sometimes over share, we talk, we bring problems to the table and we talk. It is hard but we love our relationship, we’ve gone through some hard times and worked really hard to be where we are today. So, every day we choose to be communicators and communicate with each other.

Some days we are better than others. Some weeks we rock communication and some weeks we could be better. Last night we realized that we have fallen into a sort of routine where we have become lax with each other. We had a very difficult discussion that was hours long and because of this, we are determined to do better. We used to have weekly “meetings” where we discussed anything that was bothering us or just something we thought would be good to bring up.

Right now, it seems rough and it feels rougher. But, one day at a time until we work through things. I am not sure if I can explain this correctly but even though we’re going through this bit of a road block it still feels manageable because I love the hubs and I know he loves me. It’s like we KNOW we aren’t always going to agree on things and we will argue more than once but we are willing to work on our relationship and that makes all the difference sometimes. 🙂


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