Work Events

I pretty much love my job. I actually never wanted to work in a spa setting. Working in a day spa, though, is actually pretty rewarding. More so than I ever thought I would. As with anything, there are the ups and downs but overall, it is a great place to be right now for me.

I just don’t like working on my days off so much. But, it’s part of work. I don’t mind so much when I’m doing the training. I actually like that part. I mind doing the events though. More so than I thought. I figured it would be fun stuff. Hanging out, meeting people and making connections.

I don’t personally get to do much of that stuff. My boss does. I get to do a lot of chair massage work and passing out business cards. The grunt work. I usually stay upbeat about it but I don’t feel like I do the best chair massage. I feel like it is my weakest modality.

Practice however, give you confidence. So, tomorrow I am working my 3rd event. So far, I am not overly confident in my skill set. But I definitely feel better about chair work than I used to. So…silver lining.


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