Zoo Wildnights Scout Trip

This past weekend I went to an overnight “Wildnights at the Zoo” with my Scout troop. 14 of us managed to make it out. It was a pretty awesome night. I think many of us ladies needed a break from what’s happening in our lives and spending a night with a group of very nice ladies was a great life unwinding moment.

We got there a bit before 6 pm. We checked in, put our stuff in our room and ate dinner. Then we went on a private zoo tour. Some of the animals we got to watch and some we got to hear. Some we got to touch, which was pretty nice in itself.

As we walked we took pictures of ourselves and the surroundings. We could feel all  of us relaxing and chatting with each other. We talked to our guides and got to know them a little. We ended the evening tour with a group pic with giraffes. We got to feed them and touch them a bit. It was a pretty amazing thing to see them so up close.

As we walked back to our room we talked more with our guides and somehow or other we told them we were Kinky Scouts and answered their questions. We were their very first adult group that wanted to spend a night at the zoo. This totally surprised me as it is a great thing to do for anyone.

We ended the night with S’mores and they left for the night. We continued into the night playing games and watching one of the troop leaders do Henna on some Scouts. Music was great, camaraderie was amazing. And even the hard floor under my sleeping bag didn’t dampen the great time.

We ended the trip with breakfast at 6 am and our last private tour before the zoo opened to the public. We even had day tickets which was great. We managed another walk through the zoo before my Meta, myself and another scout finally left.

If it is possible to have compersion with a group of friends, this weekend was filled of compersion for me. I managed to release the stress I have been feeling and renew myself. I am so thankful that this troop was started and that I became a part of it. I have met so many wonderful ladies and made some good friends I otherwise wouldn’t have made.


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