A metamour is someone who is involved with one of your partner’s, but not you. That is the definition for me and what I’ve noticed for people I meet and talk to.

Currently I have two meta’s. They are dating my husband. And I am, thankfully, pretty good friends with both of them. One is raising their child with her two live-in partner’s. The other is married, no children. I have play dates with one, do friend things with both.

We’ve gone painting, to movies, dinners, clubbing, parties, family socials. Pretty much everything. They are pretty neat ladies and pretty much how I had hoped to be with any meta I happened to have. We are somewhat similar in some things but, naturally, also have our own individualities.

I think that the similarities help us to get along, while the not so similar things help us see things in differing perspectives and also get along.

I have enjoyed getting to know them. We rarely hang out as a trio but mainly because we have such different schedules. One of us works nights, one is a SAHM and one of us works days. We do try to hang out and text with each other because we like our friendships.

I like having these two ladies as my friends, more so than I thought I would. This is a great side effect of being poly. You meet great people whom you don’t have to hide a part of who you are and can become friends. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Metamours

  1. Thank you. I’ve been in an open marriage for nine years, and I didn’t know this term. You saved me from ditching this app to look it up. 😏


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