My husband is going to school and he is trying to keep working his 40 hrs at work. Or as close to 40 hrs as he can get. I work part time at the spa. It is pretty much customary for all Massage Therapists to work part time. Some work more, some less. Most work some form of part time. Why? Because we do a lot of intensive and physical labor. So, I work part time. The rest of the time I am the house Commander.

This means, I pick up and drop off all 3 kids from school M-F. I take them to appointments and I do shopping as needed. I make dinner and give baths. I wash laundry and try to keep the house semi clean. Sometimes I excel, most times I just keep things barely going.

My husband tries to help as much as he can. He takes the trash out and folds laundry. He goes to school M-T and works M-F. He leaves home around 6am, works as much as he can and gets home around 7:30 each night. Sometimes he gets to have a few minutes with the kids before they go to bed. Most times he kisses the sleeping heads of the younger two and tells a quick “I love you, goodnight kiddo” to our oldest before she goes to her room.

It is rough going around here right now. But, we won’t quit and we know it is for the best. School wont last forever and when he is done, he will have many more opportunities for the job he loves. This will, ultimately, benefit us all.

For now, Friday evening and Saturday’s are our unwinding and family days. We go to the park sometimes, we clean, we bond and we do family stuff. For as crazy as things can get, it works.


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