Holidays Are Coming…

Holidays are the best and they are the worst. And they can be one, both or teeter totter between bad and good. For me at least. Growing up I absolutely loved the holidays. Halloween is still my favorite Holiday, mainly because we get to dress up as anyone we want. I loved all the food we got to eat on Thanksgiving and well, who doesn’t like Christmas presents. And food.

I still like Halloween. I love making the costumes for the minions, or watching them make their own. It’s an adorable sort of hecticness. And, asking for candy. I actually like it. It creates lasting memories for all of us involved. The “bad thing” on the short lists of bad things about Halloween is the candy. We don’t eat much and usually forget about it after a week or so. We have found bags of candy later on the next year when we’re cleaning something or other. We hand the younger kiddos some at first. The older ones get a bit when they ask. We don’t intentionally not eat it. We just forget for the most part.

I miss making the turkey on Thanksgiving. I miss cooking on Thanksgiving period. I really used to look forward to it. It is a hectic and super stressful time but so very worth it at the end. I like seeing what everyone else brings because it seems like this is the best time to bring that one dish that you want to share the most with the people you love. It also is being around the family. The good and the bad family. For myself, I don’t have family around me here, so it’s all my husband’s family. It isn’t bad as long as I don’t comparethe way my family is and the way his family is.

Same during Christmas. Plus the presents. I miss eating tamales and warm weather the most for Christmas. I grew up in Texas, southern parts where it doesn’t snow. I miss that but for the most part I don’t. Still, wouldn’t change it for anything. Being around loved ones and family during the holidays comes with the good and all the bad. That’s what family is all about. It’s what brings us together in the bad times and in the good times. It’s what makes us family. And I love that.


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