DIY Planner Parties

They are a thing. An actual thing. AND a group of my friends in the Scout’s actually have planner parties. I have FB RSVP’d for the next one. What are these? Are they cultish? haha

Seriously, I feel like it is something that I will either love or hate. I am looking forward to it and looking forward to the ideas I can implement in creating my own personal planner. Will I have to buy a bigger purse to lug around now? I hope not. I want one but I am pretty addicted to my phone calendar and I already have a wall calendar for family stuff. So, what would I need a personal planner for?

I was told, many, many other things. Some of the ladies keep a list of things they want to buy, like books or shopping lists. Some of the ladies keep a planner for cleaning, some keep one for just keeping their life in order. I hope I am able to grab or make one of those kinds of planners. My life sometimes feels super disorganized and sometimes it feels like if I survive in somewhat chaotic organization. And the cleaning planner could be nice as a bonus. It will help me to keep my home clean since almost everyone of my children seems incapable of sustaining a clean environment. :p

To say that I am looking forward to this event is an understatement. I am excited. Also leery. I have never made a planner before and am not sure I am up to the task. I am willing to try but when I think of shopping for planner stuff I feel overwhelmed. Pinterest is crazy with diy planner ideas. I am most looking forward to seeing what types of planners everyone else has made. What seems to work most for other’s and what seems to not be working at all.

Never did I think I would be going to a diy planner party. Yet, here I am. Adventurous me…


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