Melancholy Birthday

Today is my youngest brother’s birthday. I have grown more and more melancholy as the day has gone by. I miss my family the most is at times like this. I remember not how far apart we are now, but how close we were when we were little smidgeons of terror. I miss my little bro. We are so alike in temperament. We used to be able to sit down and talk about all the things we wanted to do in life. He was easy to counsel when we were tiny and I thought I was the best bigger sis in the world by conversing with him instead of yelling at him.

Nowadays, we are so different. He seems to dislike me very much for moving away from Texas and most of the family. He keeps himself apart, as do I. Most of our conversations are stilted and very brief.

But I miss him. Little him. As much as I miss a little bit of little me. It was simpler times in a life long ago & far away.


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