Today I was chatting with my meta on FB messenger and we got onto the topic of some posts in the poly groups we’re on that center on hierarchical relationships. We talked about the mutual frustration we feel about the blanket generalizations some people have about these types of relationships. It was nice to vent about it and know that it was not just me. While I absolutely understand where most people are coming from, I have had some interactions with couples that are unicorn hunting and couples privilege (CP). I have been dumped because of CP. It still frustrates me to read about other’s just not even wanting anything to do with people that are in these types of relationships.

I am trying to figure out why it would bother me so much. I mean, if I am so open minded why does it bother me what other people think about a relationship style that I ascribe to? Who knows! I am not there yet. :p

It doesn’t always bother me. Most people have valid reasons for thinking the way they do. I just want them to see my side too I guess. I mean, I have had bad experiences with men & women who were single and thought they could be poly but didn’t want to actually put in the work. I would absolutely be out of the dating pool if I blamed all men and all women for the way a few (more than a few I guess) have treated me.

But, I cannot make other people think like I do. I can only make me think like I do. And try to see their point of view and be understanding of why they think like that. Like I have been. 🙂


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